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  • Grandsons of Abraham
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Christ Chapel Children's Home

Christ Chapel Children's Home

Grandsons of Abraham

Grandsons of Abraham

Grandsons of Abraham

Grandsons of Abraham

Christ Chapel Children's Home

Christ Chapel Children's Home


Grandsons of Abraham


The Grandsons of Abraham Rescue Centre was started in 1995 by the Maryknoll congregation of the United States of America with the aim of freeing the town of Mombasa from street children. They did street work and were able to rescue, rehabilitate and re-unite a number of children with their families. However, in 2001 the Maryknoll missionaries handed over the project to the indigenous congregation (The Sisters of St. Joseph Mombasa).


Grandsons of Abraham Rescue Centre has two Branches; one is situated at Mikindani Location and the other one at Kikambala. Mikindani Branch is a drop-in Centre for the children's who are fresh from the street where by they are counseled, treated and given informal Education. After a period agreed they are transferred to Kikambala Centre for learning and continuous counseling.


The Centre's day to day activities are guided and informed by its vision, mission, core values and objectives stated below.

Our Vision: To promote a morally conscious and socially responsible society free from street children.

Our Mission and Mission statement: We partner with the community in the rescue, rehabilitation and re-union of street children with their families.

Our Core values:

  • Selfless service
  • Moral probity
  • Integrity
  • Being Impactful Transparency and accountability

Aims and Objectives:

  • To rescue, rehabilitate and re-unite the child with their families.
  • To engage in capacity building activities and increase community participation and contribution.
  • To enhance networking and collaboration with other like-minded groups.
  • To pro-actively lobby and advocate for pro-child reforms and policies that serve the best interest of the child.

Strategies: Our Strategies that help us achieve our objectives include:

  1. Do street work, rescue children, rehabilitation and resettlement
  2. Increase networking
  3. Community involvement
  4. Advocacy on children's rights
  5. Have motivated staff
  6. Develop annual evaluation and monitoring plans
  7. Admitted only the children from the street who are between 5 and 14 years of age.

Expected Outcome: The above strategies are basically meant to reduce the number of street children in the streets of Mombasa and in the whole country. Services Provided The children who are rescued from the street are taken to Mikindani centre where by they are provided with accommodation, meals, security, informal education, guiding and counseling, spiritual direction, treated and preparation for formal education later.


Admission Criteria: The centre strictly admits children from the streets who are specifically identified confirmed as street children. The children must be between 5 and 14 years of age. They must have stayed in the street for 24 hours before they qualify the criteria.

Children Education: The children at Mikindani centre are provided with informal education which prepares them for formal education as soon as a child is out of drugs and settled at the centre. The period varies an individual to another. However, the stated period is between 2 weeks and 6months.

Personal necessities: The children are provided with all basic needs including; clothing, bathrooms items, learning materials and transport.

Conduct and access: Being a rehabilitation centre, guiding and counseling is continuous.

Collaboration and referrals: Grandsons of Abraham work in collaboration with other children homes, local authorities, district and provincial children department. If the child is sent home to his family members, the centre collaborates with all the above to monitor the new life of child with the family. Cases of infancy are referred to orphanage homes. Committal forms are filled and returned to district children office every month.


Grandsons of Abraham is non profitable organization where by the centre has throughout survived with donations from well-wishers and small scale farming and a primary school on its land at Kikambala in North coast which is aimed at providing education to the same children. This called for more challenges including salary payments, learning materials, school fees for pupils in secondary school, funds to cater for basic needs, transport means, and incomplete classrooms among others.


The programme has helped many families to re-unite back with their children who run out from their homes and went back home with formal education/self sustaining skills. Some of these boys became Solders, Drivers, Tailors, Carpenters, Mechanics and others managed their private businesses. Helped in freeing streets of Mombasa from big number of street children Rescued children from the street have human of dignity and respect restored hence,“I was a stranger and you took me in".

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