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Our mission is to provide food to orphaned children and currently we are supporting Christ chapel children's home in Huruma where we provide food 24/7. We are also supporting Grandsons of Abraham Children's home in Kikambala Mombasa by providing food.

We are also partnering with Consolata Shrine Westlands whereby the poor from the slum villages of deep sea and Kangemi are given maize flour and beans twice a month. Special emphasis is given to the young the aged and the sick especially those who are HIV-Positive. Assistance to buy medication is given to those who cannot afford.

We are also partnering with Consolata Youth Rehabilitation Programme whereby we are paying rent and providing food to young destitute mothers in deep sea village some who are HIV-positive, some with HIV-positive children and some suffering from drug and substance abuse so that their children can be enrolled in the free school programme.


Our vision is to provide clean cheap and sustainable energy to as many children's homes as possible in terms of solar-lighting and heating to save on electricity bills and charcoal and also to provide bio-gas digesters using either food waste or animal waste where space allows.

We also plan to assist in tree planting as a renewable source of wood fuel where the children's home has enough space starting with Grandsons of Abraham Children's Home.

Where We Work